Our program provides professional liability (errors and omissions) coverage designed to protect against allegations that the trainer, through an error or omission in his or her services, caused some economic harm.

For example:

  • The employee recruitment/retention program designed and implemented by the trainer is considered a failure because retention is worse than before.
  • An employee has brought suit under the Family and Medical Leave Act. The trainer who revised the employment manual and trained the human resources staff had given inadequate attention to the FMLA.
  •  A customer company had to pay thousands of dollars in overtime to employees who should have been exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act. They are blaming the trainer who was “supposed” to implement a timekeeping system that differentiated between exempt and nonexempt employees. The just-in-time inventory system doesn’t save money at all; in fact, it has cost the company two of its best customers.
  • The company blames the trainer who was supposed to make certain everyone in shipping and accounting demonstrated proficiency before the new system came on-line.
  • The trainer accomplishes Objectives A, B and C perfectly. But the customer inferred that there was an Objective D as well, and based acceptance of the trainer’s proposal on that mistaken inference.
  • A trainer who is a member of a consortium performs his or her duties required by a contract. However, one of the other consortium members provides work that is inadequate and causes harm to the customer company.  The customer company doesn’t even know the errant consortium member, so they are holding responsible the trainer they know.
  • The trainer develops multimedia materials or written materials for the customer that, unknown to the trainer, include images, text and other intellectual property that was misappropriated at the source. The copyright holder files a third-party complaint for infringement.

Some of the features of our program:

  • Provides protection against allegations of economic damages caused by an error in your professional services.
  • Low minimum premiums, with liability limits of $250,000 per occurrence/$250,000 aggregate. Higher limits are available.
  • Includes defense costs.
  • No exclusion for warranties and guarantees.
  • No exclusion for patent, trademark or copyright infringement.

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