As independent brokers, representing the finest property and casualty insurance companies in America, we are able to place your coverage with the company or companies best suited for your particular needs. (Click here to see a list of those companies.)

We advise our customers on an appropriate level of protection and service; the choice is always the customer’s own. Following are some of the characteristics of the protection and services available through CIMA and the insurance companies we represent:

  • Replacement cost coverage for your home. A professional insurance company representative will determine its exact replacement value…providing assurance that the same kind and quality of materials would be used to replace anything that is damaged. For those with custom, or historic, homes, this is essential. We also can provide recommendations and services in the areas of fire prevention, safety and security.
  • Full replacement value for your home’s contents, including your jewelry, fine arts and collections. Difficult-to-replace items will be scheduled, and a current inventory maintained, to allow full recovery. Our services for the management of valuable articles include arrangement of appraisals, and video or digital camera recordkeeping of all your property. You can choose to receive cash rather than have property replaced, following a loss.
  • Credits for home security systems.
  • Discounts for combining your homeowner and automobile coverage with the same company.
  • “Agreed value” coverage for your automobiles, whether owned or leased. (Depending on your lease, insurance might need to be arranged differently than for owned vehicles). A reduced rate can be arranged for antique cars that are rarely used. When you take delivery of a new car, it would be covered immediately, even if it takes you a few weeks to let us know. Renting a car on vacation? We can write your auto policy so the vehicle is covered, wherever in the world you might be.
  • Agreed value, worldwide coverage for watercraft and aircraft.
  • Personal “umbrella”, with limits high enough for the litigious real world, and other specialized personal coverages such as kidnap and ransom.

If you will call or email our Personal and Fine Arts Insurance Department, our professionals will be happy to describe our insurance programs and customer services, and how they differ from your current program.