Except on claims, contact your account executive directly. If you need to contact us when our office is closed, you can obtain instructions by calling our main number, 703.739.9300.

What Is Going On What We Need
     Autos Year, make, model, serial number, overnight garaging, cost, lienholder, gross weight
     Buildings Location, replacement value, square footage, use, age, type of construction, mortgagee
     Leased premises Copy of lease
     New entities We need to discuss in detail; please call
     Office contents/equipment (yours & others) Replacement value, location, loss payee. (Some property may be specifically scheduled. In that event, we also need description/serial number.)
     All types other than workers’ compensation Who, what, when, where and how – With this information, first contact your insurance carrier by phone or through the carrier’s claims Website. Contact CIMA if the claim involves severe injuries, fatalities, or severe property damage. We will assist, and will monitor the claim.
     Workers’ compensation Contact your insurance carrier by phone or through the carrier’s claims Website. They will confirm receipt of the claim to you and to CIMA. Let CIMA’s Claims Department know if you report a fatality, or if you question the validity of the claim.
     All types Copy of agreement, before you sign
     New services to be offered We should discuss the insurance ramifications as early as possible. Besides the potential for additional exposures, the insurance cost implications could affect your pricing for these services.