CIMA is unique and special in many ways. Our purpose is threefold.

First – we are dedicated to providing customers with considerate and professional risk management services.

Second – we work fairly with the companies we represent in our joint efforts to produce profitable business. We feel that this can be accomplished in a spirit of partnership in which neither has the upper hand.

Third – we have a special relationship towards one another in our office. Each staff person has definite responsibilities, yet each is an integral part of the whole. If any one part of the organization does not function perfectly, the entire organization is affected. Therefore, for CIMA to succeed, each person must not only discharge his or her responsibilities, but assist others as well. No one person can act autonomously.

This can be accomplished only through continuous personal growth, self-discipline and compassion towards one another. Compassion must encompass consideration, understanding and love. It eliminates egotism, selfishness, envy and nonconstructive criticism.

We are a prestige organization, alert toward maintaining our respected position in the community.

Our goals are good and high. Through our sincere individual and team efforts, with God’s help, we will accomplish them.