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Why insurance?

So you haven’t dreamed of a career in this business ever since you were little? (Or maybe you did, but got turned off at some point because you thought it must be boring, or you had a bad experience on the phone with some war criminal who managed to get a job in an insurance company’s customer service department.)

Well, whether you’ve thought of a career in our business or not, we’re glad you’re on this page now.

Virtually every business, nonprofit organization, or homeowner/car owner must have insurance. Otherwise, their assets (and an organization’s continued existence!) are in jeopardy.

An independent broker like CIMA works for its customers — those who buy insurance. We do NOT work for the insurance companies that provide the coverage. That makes a huge difference, because it means we are the customer’s advisor and advocate. A good insurance broker and its customers enjoy a very valuable professional relationship. We work with each customer to design an appropriate insurance program, modify it as their circumstances change, and place the coverage with one or more of the many insurance companies with which we have relationships.

OK, now you’re sold on a career in insurance. But why CIMA?

Let’s answer the question by first giving you some reasons why you might NOT find an exciting career here – one that really fits your talents, energy level, personality and goals.

If any of these apply to you, well, thanks for the visit and good luck elsewhere…

Why you might not like it here (and not do very well)

  • You’re comfortable with routine, and not really interested in improving it.
  • It doesn’t really matter how the company is doing, as long as your check keeps coming.
  • If we lose a customer, that’s OK; plenty more where that one came from.
  • You have an idea how we could really grow, but you’ll just keep it to yourself because…(fill in excuse of your choice).

OK! Enough of that! If what comes next sounds more like you, please tell us more about yourself.

Why you might really thrive in this place

  • You have a high energy level.
  • You want to make your mark – again and again – and be rewarded for it.
  • You can make your mark and be a team player at the same time.
  • You like working with other people who are good at what they do and enjoy it.
  • You can have fun at work, not just after work.
  • You like to learn new things, be creative, and take on new responsibilities.
  • You put the organization’s interests ahead of your own, as long as it is ethical to do so (and with us, it always is.)
  • You want to grow professionally, in an organization that’s profitable and growing.

Although we are large, as insurance brokers go, there are only about 60 of us on staff. It isn’t very far to the top. Good work is easy to see and appreciate, and it’s rewarded. Opportunity for advancement at CIMA truly is unlimited. (Compare us with the very largest, international brokers that are our main competitors. The largest of those firms have 40,000 employees or more. Where are your talents more likely to be rewarded?)

We also have a strong bonus program and progressive benefits. Continuing professional education is a benefit for all staff, too, to make certain all of us have the skills and training necessary to carry out our responsibilities successfully.

If you like what you’re reading, contact us! Send your resume, and a letter explaining why you think CIMA would be a good fit for you, to Cindy Lewis, Director of Human Resources, at [email protected]. Or call Cindy at 800.468.4200 if you would like more information.