How great can a customer relationship really be?

If you believe the answer to that question has something to do with what you bring to the table as an insurance professional, read on.

With the “vertical integration” going on in the insurance industry, you might have thought that your career is being driven toward two unattractive options – either work for a carrier or megabroker and never get close to the top, or work for a smaller broker and deal with the relative lack of resources and the uncertainty that always exists when you might be acquired at any time. But if you believe your customers are the most fortunate insurance purchasers in the world because you are committed to providing them tremendous service, we might have a third alternative for you.

We are one of the largest brokers in the nation once you get past the mergered megabrokers, which are our main competitors. We are growing, and yet there are only about 60 of us, in three offices. It isn’t very far to the top. What you do is noticed. If you really are great, we reward you very well, to encourage you to stay and continue to be part of our success.

Our customer retention ratio puts us in the very top few percent of brokers and agents in the nation, according to best-practices studies. We have skilled, committed and innovative people, equip them well, and offer our customers a level of service they rarely see in any professional relationship.

We need people who can preserve and build upon relationships with our commercial customers. For those positions, you do need to have at least some experience in insurance, but what you need most is that feeling about yourself that’s described above – your customers are very fortunate to have you to rely on.

Is that you? If you think so, please contact Human Resources Director Cindy Lewis at [email protected] or 800.468.4200.