• CIMA Volunteers Insurance Applications

Traditional Volunteers Application
Alternative Sentencing Program Application
Work-Release Application
Volunteer/Employee Dishonesty Coverage Application

Volunteers Insurance Policies
Volunteers Insurance Forms

  • Nonprofit Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance

Nonprofit D & O
NY Only
States:  KY, MO, MS, RI and VA
All Other States

Supplemental Fiduciary Liability
NY Only
States:  KY, MO, MS, RI and VA
All Other States

  • GL for 501c3

Risk Retention Group 501c3 Supplemental Application
Accident Insurance Application
Claims Supplemental Application
Directors and Officers Application
Employee Benefits Supplemental Application
Improper Sexual Conduct Supplement Application
Non-Owned & Hired Commercial Auto Supplement
Social Service Professional Liability Supplement

  • Miscellaneous Healthcare Applications

Home Healthcare and Non-Physician Medical Staffing
Individual (Non-Physician) Medical Practitioners
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation  Facilities
Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services
Nursing Home, Assisted Living and Independent Living  Facilities