Professional Liability Insurance for DOJ Recognized Organizations with Accredited Representatives

Many Recognized Organizations are in a unique situation. They provide immigration services through accredited representatives who are mainly non-lawyers. The correct insurance policy to cover this work can be difficult to find. Most insurance carriers do not extend coverage to non-lawyers through their Lawyers Malpractice Coverage and if they do, it still might not cover you as you hoped it would. This leads to you ending up with a policy that is too expensive or not adequate coverage. Through CIMA’s Professional Liability Insurance for DOJ Recognized Organizations, we offer coverage specifically for your unique situation. This provides peace of mind so that if there is an unintended error, the organization can feel confident that they have the RIGHT policy.

Key Features
• Covers the Organization, the Accredited Representative and office staff supporting the legal work
• Broad coverage and definition of claims and legal services
• Coverage includes personal injury and disciplinary proceedings coverage
• Zero deductible
• Additional coverage for staff and pro bono attorneys available
• Coverage available nationwide
• Optional coverages like Management Liability (D&O) and Employment Practices offered

The policy is a claims made policy and underwritten by a company rated A (Excellent), A.M. Best

For more information, please contact Aaron Jones, toll free at 800.468.4200, or direct at 703.778.7308.