• We have a separate bond department with expertise in the construction industry. Our bond experts have over 50 years combined experience in improving program limits, collateral requirements and rates. Our experience has enabled us to develop strong relationships with leading surety markets that offer additional experience and substantial capacity to support our customers’ bonding needs.
  • Our long history with contractors means that we understand your operations and the inherent risks. By understanding the risk, we can help you control it, and control the costs of your overall risk management program.
  • Our real point of difference with our competitors is that we offer much more than insurance policies. We have a formal process through which we analyze your exposures to loss – those that are insured and those that are not – and design an overall approach to control those exposures.
  • Starting with an understanding of your particular operation and a review of your loss experience, we tailor a loss control action plan that has specific objectives, a timetable, and a schedule for follow-up reports to you and discussions on how to refine the program over time.
  • We make sure that experience modification factors are accurate, so that you are not unfairly disadvantaged by a period of unfavorable loss experience. A key component of our service is a claims management system that enables you to know the status of every active claim, from first report through final resolution.
  • We represent insurance carriers that have shown commitment to the insurance industry through their own expertise and specialized insurance products, such as industry-specific commercial general liability forms, owner-controlled insurance programs, and coverage for environmental liability.

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