We highly recommend CIMA Insurance because of the service of its agent, Susan Carter-Burke. A company is only as good as its employees and Susan “rocks”!  We have never experienced any difficulty when dealing with Susan in fact, we have only experienced great service and advice from her. No matter how big or small, our requests are given high priority status and managed with integrity and thoughtfulness. We recommend Susan without reservation or hesitation.
J. Bury

We cannot express how grateful we are to CIMA. We have been happy customers for some 20 years!  Our agent, Susan Carter-Burke, should end up in the Hall of Fame of homeowner and automobile insurance.  Her diligence and timeliness are, quite simply, the best. We have been through some real issues. Once lightning hit our house and severely damaged the roof and knocked out the sewer.  Susan arranged for all to be fixed using insurance funds, and our premium did not even increase.Another time, a tree in our forest fell and smashed out Escalade right down the middle.   Fortunately, none of us was in the car.  And even more fortunately, Susan took care of the whole thing through insurance money. Again, our premium was not raised.Year in , year out, CIMA delivers the best possible insurance product and the best possible service through Susan. We intend to be CIMA-lifers!
Tom and Judy I.

My wife and I have been a ACE/Chubb customer for many years. I was a National Sales Mgr for a
Fortune 500 Company and move around a lot. I’ve worked with many Insurance Companies  
over the years, but working with Susan and ACE/Chubb has been a very good experience. I have the bundle package which the company provides and have made many changes as I’ve recently move to Florida. Working Susan has been Great. She gets back to me asap and is always looking to save me money.  I highly recommend Chubb and Susan.
C. Larkin

For over twenty years, Insurance has been one of the things I’ve never had to worry about once I joined CIMA Companies with Kemper. They understood my financial situation, and my needs for both my home and automobile.  I knew that CIMA, would make sure I had the right amount of insurance to cover my home and car. I knew they would alert me when renewal action was needed. And they responded immediately and took care of everything when I needed help following a road accident.  When I recommended Patty Hull at the Alexandria office to my neighbors, they raved about the assistance they received and thanked me for the contact. I will never change because they really care. 
M. Ashley

CIMA has served my insurance needs since 1997. Cars, trucks, homes in various states throughout the USA, umbrella liability, jewelry, and art loss. Susan Carter-Burke has been our account executive for longer than I remember. Her service has been impeccable. As we aged we moved property and  titles into trust accounts. We have filed several claims over the years. At every juncture Susan and CIMA handled our losses in a timely manner, and with a very friendly professional attitude. I stopped shopping for insurance years ago because of the outstanding service
G. Siemering

As a client of CIMA for over two decades, I have appreciated their consistent professionalism, quick response and personal attention whenever I have had a special insurance need or life change. Marti Rogers has provided me with the most practical and relevant insurance products in every instance with ease and courtesy and it’s reassuring to know that I can always count on her and the CIMA staff when help is needed.
L. Holland

I have been using CIMA for well over ten years. I insure homes, cars, collector cars, and valuables. CIMA gets the job done fast and correct the first time.

As a client of CIMA and Marti Rogers for 30 years, that fact alone speaks to the excellent professional services rendered.  My home, possessions and autos are always in good hands. First rate advice and first rate selections of insurers that they select for me and my family gives me the confidence that I look for in supplying me with comfort and protection.
Dr. E. Mopsik

The CIMA Companies has been my insurance agent for over 15 years handling my car insurance at first and then my home insurance. The service I have received working with Deanna Kessler for all these years has been stupendous. She has not only steered me well in my insurance options, but also has been a sounding board for me during a time when I was having some personal issues. I have appreciated the quick response time to all my inquiries.
S. Osbourne

My name is Mary N. and I wanted to give a brief testimonial for CIMA, especially my personal agent (DeAnna Kessler).  I’ve been with DeAnna for many many years and am so pleased with the customer service received for past incidents involving my home and cars.  I feel I have my own personal advocate that puts my needs/interest first.  CIMA has provided me with “one stop shopping” for all my insurance needs.  Communication is outstanding and I don’t think the ordinary consumer gets those specific benefits and compassion.  I receive certain services and protections that are not provided by other agencies.  I can call DeAnna with ANY questions for myself, family and friends.  I have referred a few good friends to DeAnna and they too have been pleased.  I consider DeAnna more of a friend/confident when it comes to certain situations.  I receive flyers from Geico, AARP etc… that say “we can lower your car insurance” – that may be true however, I would never consider losing the above and beyond customer service I receive from CIMA and DeAnna not to mention the  GREAT value from CIMA on all my policies.  Thank you!
Mary N.

I have been dealing with Patty Hull as my insurance agent for many years. She is always thoughtful, professional and polite. She is very knowledgable and is always quick to respond to any inquiries I might have. She even knows me well enough to give me a heads up before my bill is due! I have compared CIMA’s rates with USAA, Liberty and Progressive for auto and home and CIMA always comes out on top.
J. Wintersteen

I am a longstanding customer of more than 15 years of working with The Cima Companies. I highly recommend this company and namely Patty Hull, for any type of insurance you may need. Patty Hull has been my representative for the duration and a better representative you cannot find! I don’t think there would be one more thing that Patty could do better. I am a consumer with high standards of customer service with a focus on loyalty to companies who also have that as a priority. Therefore, I had to look no further.
What makes her different? Speedy and thorough response to every demand I have asked of her. Full and unprompted reviews of my insurance policies to make sure that I am getting adequate and complete coverage at a competitive price. Accurate adjustments to changes in my life that effect policies; children who drive the cars with adjustments for good student discounts, away at college with and without the car and finally out of the house and off my insurance policies. Purchase of second home in another state including research of discounts and necessary requirements; security systems, flood insurance and working directly and coordinated with my necessary vendors such as mortgage brokers and city managers to take me out of that part of the confusing process. She quickly, simply and accurately updated coverage of any changes or out of date policies. Coaching through various insurance situations such as property damage, possible adjustments to assets and services for discounts and processing of claims that could result in out of pocket expenses and future coverage.
Finally, and most importantly, although I have never met Patty face to face, she is a friend. We have built a relationship. She has cheered me through successes and was saddened by my losses. What more could you want? In my opinion, nothing. Therefore, look no further for an insurance broker. Pick up the phone and call The Cima Companies. You won’t be sorry.
J. Haveles