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Property and Liability Risks
As a large, independently owned broker, we have access to virtually every insurance  market in the world. Learn more

Commercial Insurance Application – Contact Barbara Brown or Jessica Pittman by email or at 800.468.4200 or 703.739.9300.

Employee Benefits
CIMA provides employee benefit plan services to hundreds of employers. Our customers have employees located throughout the United States, and internationally, and represent the full spectrum of businesses – from community service, nonprofit organizations to for-profit multinational corporations that have over 1,000 employees. Learn more

Specialty Programs
Pension Professionals
–  Legal services and public defenders
–  Corporate trainers
–  Petroleum storage tanks
–  Transportation Network Company (TNC Insurance Program)
–  Tow Truck Insurance Program
–  Crane and Riggers Insurance Program
–  Erisa Bonds

Insurance companies we represent